Bold words, yes, but in terms of battle scenes, game changers and plot developments we are going to go right ahead and say this week's Game of Thrones was certainly in the top three of all time, and thanks to good old Valyrian steel, we didn't even lose one of our favourite characters.

The episode was monumental for three reasons, firstly, the revelations made to Sansa Stark that her little brothers were still alive. Throughout all five seasons of Game of Thrones we have watched Sansa face all sorts of horrors, never more so than in recent episodes, the whole time believing herself to be the only remaining Stark (except of course for half bro Jon on the Wall). Knowing that Bran and Rickon may still be alive out there will bring a new sense of hope to Sansa, and her manner with Reek/Theon in that moment was also significant. Here was a woman who has been though all seven of the hells standing strong, and now suddenly given a new sense of purpose.

The second significant moment was between Daenerys and Tyrion Lannister, the first episode where we have ever seen these two main characters share any significant screen time together. We also got to see the return of the wise Tyrion we came to know in season two, as he impressed Daeny enough to be taken on as one of her advisors. (Lord Friendzone will be gutted.) It had started to feel that Daenerys may have been beginning to get slightly lost in the power and politics of leadership, what with losing two of her trusted advisors in recent times, but with Tyrion by her side, you can't help feel there's no stopping her now. As long as she can keep him off the vino that is.

There is also a theory... now we warn you ahead, this is not a spoiler, but you still may not want to read on....

The theory is that Tyrion is also of Targaryen descent... I know, mind blowing. It falls under the R + L = J theory which we outlined previously which implies that Jon Snow could potentially be the son of Ned Stark's sister Lyanna with Rhaegar Targaryen. At the same time, there's also theories that Daeny's father - Mad King Aerys II Targaryen had eyes for Joanna Lannister, Tywin's wife. This would also explain Tywin's hatred towards his son...

To cut a long story short, this would mean Daeny, Jon and Tyrion are all of dragons blood and could be the three to ride the dragons in the final great battle between ice and fire.

Yep, take a moment if you need it.

Could this be true? Look we don't know, but it's hard to ignore how awesome it would be if it was, 'ey?

This of course brings us to the most significant scene of season three - an unexpected yet long awaited battle with the army of the dead. Now we've all known these terrifying feckers (or f*ckers as Jon Snow called them - do we all remember Jon Snow cursing?? That almost made it as moment number four) have been lurking around beyond the wall this whole time, in fact they were part of the first ever scene in Game of Thrones. However between all the battles, power struggles and politics happening in the Seven Kingdoms, it was easy to forget about those creepy White Walker folk.

But man, did we get a reminder last night, as we came face to face with the extent of the real threat beyond the wall, in a frenzied battle that looked like something out of the Walking Dead.  It was the longest battle scene so far of any episode that wasn't dedicated in its entirety to a battle (like Blackwater and Castle Black) and saw a whole chunk of the Wildlings taken out by an army of zombies, essentially.

The pivotal moment of the battle came between Jon Snow and that White Walker dude that's been haunting our dreams for the last few years. In all our time watching Jon Snow in battle, we have never seen him in such bad shape, and just as we thought we may lose our hero, his trustee sword came to the rescue.

Why wasn't this sword smashed to pieces like the rest of them? Well this particular sword is made of the often mentioned Valyrian steel, which was given to Jon Snow by Commander Mormont. These swords are extremely rare since the fall of Valyria and there are very few that we know exist in present day Westeros - Ned Stark owned one but we saw Tywin melt it down at the beginning of season four and give it to Jamie, who in turn passed it on to Brienne of Tarth, while Littlefinger has a handy little Valyrian steel blade.

Valyria, as we know, was the land once ruled by the Targaryens which means that we now know that dragon steel can kill the White Walkers, as well as dragon glass. This all bodes well for that future battle we imagine one day with Daeny, Jon, and Tyrion all riding high on their magical dragons with everyone armed with Valyrian swords and whatnot - there could well be hope for them all yet.

Although, it was hard to feel that in those final chilling moments of this week's episode when King White Walker stood on the dock, raised the dead, and pretty much said 'Bring it' to Jon Snow and the lads.