We are almost at the half way point of the fifth season of Game of Thrones, if you can believe it. We have also now caught up on all the episodes that were illegally released online, so we're all in the same boat now, folks.

Things are ticking along nicely in the Seven Kingdoms although there hasn't been any major talking point to date, however, if the rumours are true, that is set to change in the coming weeks. We dread to think....

So what did we learn from the fourth episode? Quite a bit actually.

(Potential spoilers below!)

1. The Sand Snakes ladies are BADASS.

We should have known the offspring of Oberyn Martell weren't just going to be your average Jane's but they can certainly hold their own. Looks like these ladies and Ellaria Sand could yet be responsible for an all out war if they get their way. We know they are set to be significant characters so their introduction last night was far from irrelevant.

2. Don't mess with Cersei and the Sparrows.

Former Queen Cersei has found herself a new army in the form of religious nutters, the Sparrows, as we seen them tear apart Littlefinger's brothel and arrest Loras Tyrell last night. Looks like King Macaulay Culkin is no match for them either. Your move, Queen Margaery.

3. Jon Snow definitely knows nothing.

And even The Red Woman knows it. Seriously, how messed up was it that she knew to say that to him? Fair play to Snow for resisting her charms though, as well as admitting he still loved Ygritte. We were starting to think he had forgotten all about her with all this commander lark. But why was Melisandre so keen to get him in the sack? Was it that big head of soft black curls that enticed her in or another motive? We'll get to that...

4. The Targaryen backstory came up a LOT.

First with Sansa and Littlefinger in the crypt at Winterfell as he told her of how Rhaegar Targaryen had won a duel back in the day and then proceeded to present the wreath of roses to Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark’s sister and Robert Baratheon's betrothed) rather than his wife. This action was ultimately the reason Robert Baratheon went to war with the Targaryens, as after that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna and raped her, as Sansa said. Or is that what happened? Littlefinger said nothing in that scene but his look implied he knew more.

Later on then Barristan also sings the praises of Rhaegar to Daenarys (he was her older brother), also implying he wasn't necessarily the monster he has been made out to be.

While over at the wall, Stannis' wife questions why he cares so much about Jon Snow who is just Ned Stark's bastard son to some bar wench. To which Stannis replies; "Perhaps, but that was never Ned Stark’s way."

Exactly, Stannis! It's what we've always thought, and in summary all this seems to be pointing towards a long established fan theory of R+L= J, which is that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were Jon Snow's real parents.

Mind blowing enough, 'ey? It's just a theory though folks, we, like Jon Snow, know nothing.

Random note: Sansa also spotted a feather in the crypt, which we assume has to be from the crows from Bran's visions.... but that's for another day.

5. Stannis is just a big sweetheart really.

Okay, well we are pushing it slightly with sweetheart, but he did have a lovely heartwarming moment with his young daughter which proves that he does have a chink in that armour of his. We can't help but feel this daughter has to be significant in some way too, she's far too smart not to be.

6. Daenary's has a massive rebellion on her hands with those gold masked folks.

Poor Dany just can't do right for doing wrong. She frees city after city from slavery but at the same time is managing to pick herself up quite a few enemies. Those gold masked folk certainly seem to be multiplying, or the Sons of the Harpy as they are known. They went head to head with the Unsullied in what made for a truly epic fight scene. A great reminder of the scale and brilliance of the show we are dealing with. And what of Grey Worm and Barristan? We're hopeful for Grey Worm but sadly think we may have seen the last of old Barristan. Good thing Lord Friendzone is en-route....