Another episode of 'Sharp Objects', another weird and unsettling day for Camille in Wind Gap. A pattern has emerged with this show as the opening minutes see the town waking up and going through their morning routine. From Camille getting her next alcohol fix to Chief Vickory's nod to the cross and all of the room fans getting their moment in the spotlight too.

The final part of each episode then generally focuses on the night time and brings with it a darker side to Wind Gap and Camille herself, whether it be a high Amma skating around town causing trouble or you know, a ghost grabbing Camille's hand with a stark warning. Yep, that was terrifying, but we'll get to that.

The episode, entitled 'Cherry', brought the first piece of evidence in this double homicide investigation as a bike is found over by the local pig slaughter house (oh Wind Gap). It seems clear it was planted evidence to Camille but she's still no closer to finding out who could have done it, although Jackie telling her "she's getting warmer" seems to once again subtly point to the culprit being a member of the Crellin family.

The episode gave us more from the over-zealous cheerleader and her creepy grieving boyfriend, as well as Camille's catty self-involved high-school friends who would send the eyes rolling into the back of your head. One friend seems the most insightful of the lot, who knew way back when that Camille was self-harming, but like her weekly plot exposition catch ups with editor/father figure Frank, you can't help wonder what's the point of these little side bars in 'Sharp Objects'. The scene has been set already, now get on with the plot.

Like why in the middle of a murder investigation is Willis spending time heading out to mental hospitals nosing in on Camille's past? Back to the case Detective! Maybe there's a point to all of this, but the show is taking it's sweet-ass time getting there.

After Camille's wine and whingeing evening with the ladies, she finds herself partying with her little sis Amma, which in any other TV show would seem like some lovely sisterly bonding, but you can't help feel uneasy whenever Amma is around. On one hand she could simply be a troubled, bored teenager acting out from an over-bearing mother, but on the other hand, well, she could be a serial killer.

Camille's time with her sister has her proclaiming that she "can't remember being this happy" as her flashback take us to memories with her little sister Marian, who has already been popping up throughout this series as a ghost... of sorts. As creepy as she is, we don't think there is actually something supernatural happening here, rather that she represents Camille's troubled mind. And we'd kind of gotten used to her there, hovering in the background, watching her older sister. Last night's episode however, saw her take Camille's hand and issue her a grave warning: "You are not safe here."

Is "here" Wind Gap? Is it her family home? It's likely the latter, especially after it was revealed that Adora never wanted an autopsy on Marian after her death. We're not saying Adora murdered her daughter.... but, it feels like there may be something more sinister going on there.

Camille really should just take her late sister's advice and get the hell out of dodge, and given that Adora now thinks she has outstayed her welcome, that should be sooner rather than later. However that would make for a fairly boring final two episodes so we're imagining there is going to be a hell of a lot of shit hitting those fans very, very soon.


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