We're over the halfway mark now in 'Sharp Objects' and we're still no closer to catching the Wind Gap killer although it's at least starting to become clear that someone in Camille's family is connected to those murders... right??

Camille's strange family dynamic is the focal point of this series so far and honestly, all of them seem to have a jarring, dark side to them that leaves you wondering just what they are capable of once the blinds are drawn.

The title of this week's episode was 'Closer' and focused on the much talked about celebration of Calhoun Day, but ultimately came down to a further exploration of the toxic relationships in the Preaker family. More on THAT scene later.

Calhoun Day is the kind of event that initially looks typical of small town Southern America but the story of why it is celebrated is an even more of a bizarre insight into the town of Wind Gap: A glorification of what was essentially the brutal rape of a young girl oddly seems more palatable to Wind Gap than the current torture and murders that are going on.

It seemed certain that the undercurrent of tension that haunts Wind Gap would come to a head at this event, with all of the residents huddled so close together gossiping on Camile's unfortunately timed article. Sure enough, a fight erupted between suspects Bob Nash and John Keane as a high-as-f*ck Amma finished performing in the reenaction. This, for some reason, spurred her to leg it off into the woods, presumably to have some sort of mini-meltdown due to a bad trip but who knows what went on out there. God forbid this show actually made anything clear.

The major tension in the episode though was between Camille and Adora as their trip to buy a dress turned into a disturbing display of Camille's scars to her mother and sister. It was a moment that you couldn't help hope would show Adora just how fragile and vulnerable Camille is but instead she hardened even further towards her daughter saying the scars were an act of "spite".

In the final minutes of the episode, it looked like there may be a breakthrough in the fractious relationship between the pair, but this instead brought possibly the most shocking moment of the series so far: Adora nonchalantly telling her daughter she never loved her.

It was BRUTAL.

The crushing words sent Camille spiraling into the arms of Detective Willis for some never-nude sexy times but really she should have just got the hell out of dodge because honestly, who could be dealing with a mother like that?

It was such a cold-hearted almost sociopath thing to say however that it's left us wondering just what else Adora is capable of. We certainly have no sympathy left for her after that.

The episode also seemed to feature a creepy ex of Camille's around every corner while Adora's previously hinted at affair with Chief Vickery was all but spelled out. We also heard about Camille's father for the first time although the only purpose of that seemed to have been to lead us to Adora's heartless declaration. There's also the regular commentary provided by two generations of mean girls that leave you wondering where your suspicions should lie.

Ultimately, we still are left with no real answers as to just who exactly is behind the murders but we can't help but think that Camille, as the episode title may suggest, is closer than she thinks.


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