We have to say, we are getting kind of attached to these jungle celebs this year, they're not a bad bunch are they? There was loads going last night too, what with that horrendous bush tucker trial, the awful news that Craig had to leave, and of course the two newbies arrived.

First up though, poor Kendra and Jimmy had to take on the Terror Tavern, where they were served up some not-so-tasty eats. There were quite literally hairy moments for the pair, but they nailed it though fair play to them, scoring ten stars for the camp and even a drink too. Are we right in saying there may be a few sparks between Kendra and Jimmy as well? They certainly seem fond of each other. Kendra proved quite the good sport too when faced with utterly horrific food, as well as some pretty funny sexual innuendo which undoubtedly contributed to her being nominated again for tonight's trial.

After all that though, it was time to go back to the camp and see just how poor Corrie's Craig Charles had to break the news to them all that he was leaving due to the sudden death of his brother. An unimaginably horrible thing to have to deal with, but even more so when you are the other side of the world from your family. It's testament to Craig though to see how devastated the other camp members were to see him go, plenty of quiet tears were shed amongst them all. He could have won the whole thing really.

In happier news though, the camp was later joined by two new celebs, as X Factor's Jake Quickenden and former MP Edwina Currie joined the camp. Kendra was certainly happy to see Jake arriving and funnily enough, so was Jimmy, as he is a massive X Factor fan. Who'd have thought it?

Tune in tonight to see Kendra face some sort of cockroach casket spinning challenge that will probably look and sound like torture. The sheer lols of it all.