At long, long last the world got some new Game of Thrones as season seven came back with what was more of a whimper than a bang, but it's early days yet. Although given that there is only seven episodes in this season and they have promised that it is essentially 'all winner no filler', we had hoped we might get something more than just a brief check-in with everyone, but like the addicts we are, we will take what we get.

The opener was given to Arya Stark who had moved on from impersonating one of Walder Frey's servants and had become the man himself as she slaughtered all of House Frey in one fell swoop. She's becoming a bit of a mini Cersei really isn't she? Speaking of, we also found out that the queen is actually the next person Arya wants to scratch off her list in that scene we would prefer to never speak of again. We had heard Ed Sheeran was going to crop up this season but we assumed it would be a hell of a lot more subtle than the jarring spectacle it was. He didn't do anything wrong by any means, but having someone as instantly recognisable as him was a bit of a jump-the-shark moment for Game of Thrones as the whole world collectively went 'ah here'.

Given that Arya is off to King's Landing, our hopes for another Stark reunion are held off for now, but then there's enough trouble brewing between Sansa and Jon to keep the drama going in Winterfell. The sibling rivalry that we saw hints of at the end of the last season was very much apparent in the opening episode, and as undermining as Sansa was with her bro, he would do well to pay heed of her. It's nice that he wants to be like his dad and all, but let's not forget how poor old Ned ended up.

We'd imagine they might soon be going on a bit of a road trip too as thanks to Sam's breaking and entering at Hogwarts the Citadel, we know there's a shed load of dragon glass underneath Daenerys new gaff. Well, actually Stannis had always said that, but sure who listened to Stannis.

One of the most interesting developments is that The Hound may now be a Lord of the Light convert after his vision in the flames. Let's just hope finding God won't take away from that surly sense of humour of his because he was on a roll last night with the one-liners and his top knot digs. He will also be a handy one to have against that terrifying army of the dead, which as we saw, are inching closer by the day.

The final moments went to Daenerys, who after six seasons had got to her ancestral home of Dragonstone, which viewers will have seen in earlier days of Game of Thrones as it was where Stannis and his army held up before The Battle of Blackwater. There's no messing about with Daeny either as she was only in the door and she wanted to start planning her global takeover. You'd think she'd have let them have a mug of tea first.

Overall, it was basically just a catch up with everyone and a reminder of where all the pieces of the game are. Other notable moments included Jorrah's gammy arm creeping out at Sam, Bran and Meera rocking up to the wall, Cersei's gigantic map, hipster Euron Greyjoy, Tormund and Brienne's 'will they/won't they' and the wonderful addition of Jim Broadbent to the cast, who is just always a pleasure to see in anything.

Unlike Ed Sheeran, the Lannister loving shit.



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