After last week's, frankly EPIC Battle of the B*stards, we kind of figured this Game of Thrones finale would be much more of a winding down affair, as is often the case with the last episode of the season.

We were wrong. Oh so wrong.

So much happened we're still struggling to take it all in. Jon Snow's ma is your one from The Fall, Cersei has become an evil fairytale Queen, and Sam has found himself a library to rival Hogwarts.

It was all go.

Here are nine things we learned...

1. "Burn them all!"

Cersei only went full Mad Queen on us and burned the Sept to the ground, to a pretty amazing soundtrack too. We knew she was bad but Cersei has seriously upped her game to become the most evil resident of the Seven Kingdoms. Although somebody needed to step up now that Ramsay has been taken care of. This move was hinted at throughout the season, first off in Bran's vision where he saw the wildfire ripping through the tunnels, and again when Qyburn confirmed to Cersei a few episodes ago that the 'rumours are true'. The 'rumour' being that there was a shed load of that wildfire liquid underneath the city that the Mad King Aerys wanted to use to burn King's Landing to the ground (that Jaimie killed him to prevent). The same stuff that Tyrion used against Stannis and his troops in the Battle of the Blackwater back in season two.

In one fell swoop, Cersei took out a rake of her enemies, all of which we won't particularly miss, except of course, Margaery Tyrell. To be honest, we're gutted that a character as great as her was taken out like that. The whole season seemed to be hinting that Margaery had some trick up her sleeve, but if she did, it was burned with her in that Sept.

We can't even talk about Cersei leaving the Septa with Mountainstein. That was just Ramsay levels of messed up.

We also lost yet another King when, after realising that his batsh*t crazy mother had killed his wife and hundreds of other innocent people, poor Tommen just simply wasn't able anymore and jumped out of the castle's window. 

For so long, Cersei's children were the only thing that brought out any sort of humanity in her, now that they're gone, well, there's going to be a LOT more of those Maleficent inspired dresses that's for sure.

2. Sam has ALL of the books

The relentless drama of this finale was broken up a bit when we got to catch up with Sam and Gilly, who had made their way to Old Town where Sam got his first glimpse of the Maester's library, which certainly was a sight to behold. As we said earlier, Hogwarts has nothing on this place. Hopefully Sam will learn everything about everything and can tell Jon Snow how to beat the White Walkers. Speaking of, we really didn't see too much of them this season, did we?

3. Olenna Tyrell and the Sand Snakes

Olenna Tyrell has always been a woman who does not suffer fools easily and while those sand snakes may be handy with a whip or two, Olenna's sharp tongue was able to cut them down to size. Good to see she's still on form too after her entire family was wiped out by Cersei. Her thirst for revenge is strong though, as is Ellaria Sand's, who's still looking to avenge the death of her husband Oberyn. And thanks to Varys, this lot now know there's a nice lady with dragons on her way to lead 'Team Take Down Cersei'.

4. Winter is HERE.

Lads, WINTER IS HERE. It's finally happened. Ned Stark was right, but sure we never really doubted him.

5. See you later, Red Lady

We know Jon Snow didn't really have a choice in the matter, but sending Melisandre packing doesn't seem like a wise move. Sure, she burned a child at the stake and had a black ghost thingy kill that other Baratheon fella, but she brought Jon Snow back to life! That's the kind of mojo you need around when you're fighting an army of the dead. 

6. Arya Stark = BADASS

In terms of satisfying Game of Thrones deaths, we didn't think anything could top Ramsay being fed to his own dogs last week, but Frey pie may have just done it. We have waited three long seasons for the man responsible for the Red Wedding to get what's coming to him, and Arya Stark managed to avenge the hell out of her mother and brother's deaths. But eh, we thought she had left faceless assassin school? She obviously threw a couple faces in the bag before she went.

7. R+L= J is finally proven

It's undoubtedly one of the most famous fan theories, and at long last it was finally proved that R+L does indeed equal J. Or in other words, Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are Jon Snow's real parents, and now thanks to a flashback of Ned Stark/Neil Patrick Harris, Bran knows too. This means that Jon Snow has the blood of dragons AND the 'cold' blood of the Starks.

Jon Snow is literally the song of ice and fire, ya'll. 


8. We have a new King of the North

Before he goes and saves humanity and whatnot, first up Jon Snow has his new gig of King of the North to be dealing with, as thanks to the awesome little Lady Mormont, the houses of the North ate humble pie (at least it wasn't Frey) and announced Jon as their new leader. And Sansa was delighted. Okay, maybe 90% delighted, 10% absolutely ragin'. Or was it 60/40...

We don't think Sansa will go stabbing her brother in the back anytime soon, but we fear an alliance with Littlefinger is definitely on the cards, and we all know he rarely brings good news. Well, except last week when he totally saved the day with the Knights of the Vale. Sure he has his moments.

His little dream for him and Sansa to one day take the Iron Throne is cute and all, but they're going to have to step in line behind Daenerys, her three dragons, and her forty zillion person army first.

9. Daenerys is finally on the road

It's taken her six seasons, two husbands, and at least several viewings of How to Train Your Dragon, but Daenerys is finally on that Narrow Sea and on her way to Westeros to f*ck sh*t up. She's also ditched her fella too and will be looking for love - watch out Lords of Westeros! Surely she couldn't do any better than the King of the North himself? Although Jon and Daeny are related now... but sure that's never stopped anyone in the Seven Kingdoms before.

And that was it, the credits rolled on one hell of a finale. We cannot believe that we have to wait another ten months for more. It's also hard to ignore the clear 'wrapping up' that's going on too. There was a time when you struggled to see how this would all go down, but like a chess board, the pieces are all gradually coming together.

The showrunners, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, have said they really only envision about fifteen more hours of television after this, which we'd imagine will be broken up into two seasons. We're assuming season seven will focus on Daenerys claim for the Iron Throne, while the final season will take care of that army of the dead lot.

We can only hope some bright spark has a spin-off up their sleeve somewhere... the adventures of Arya and The Hound? Lord Friendzone's search for requited love?? Although we'd happily just watch an entire season of drinking games with Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm.

Start brainstorming folks!

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