After seven seasons, New Girl will come to an end this year and while it probably is about time, we'll still miss Jess and her band of misfit flatmates. Never fear though, Zooey Deschanel has said that she is happy with how things finish up in what will be a one-hour final episode in May, which bodes well for fans of the show being good with how it ends too.

The sixth season finished with Jess once more revealing her feelings to friend and ex Nick while Cece and Schmidt discovered they were having a baby and Winston proposed to his girlfriend Aly. Initially, it was thought they might have ended the show there, however, it will be back for a seventh and final season with a bit of twist - it will take a time jump of three years.

What we know so far is that Jess and Nick will still be together, with Nick now a successful young adult author, Schmidt is a stay at home dad while Winston and Aly are expecting a child.

Speaking to ET, Deschanel said, "I wanted to do a season knowing we were ending at the end.

"It would have been OK if it was season six, [but] I would have wanted to know at the beginning of season six, so that we could properly say goodbye."

She added, "I'm really happy we had a final season and we knew it while we were shooting it.

"I feel like we covered a lot of our classic sort of scenarios in the last season. The writers did a good job. There are a lot of Easter eggs."

The final season will just be eight-episodes, which as we said will conclude with an hour-long series finale in May. It's set to premiere in the US on April 10th, though an Ireland/UK air date is yet to be confirmed.