Last night saw the return of two national treasures return to our television screens after too long an absence.

Zig and Zag made a surprise appearance with their old pal from The Den, Ray D'Arcy, and made everything instantly better for about five or six minutes. The duo from the planet Zog were on to discuss their new animated series starting on RTEjr and to slag D'Arcy for any number of reasons.

However, D'Arcy brought up a particularly embarrassing photo from their past - including cracking a few light-hearted jokes about walls and stuff.

Take a look.

As well as this, the show's Twitter account began posting old letters sent in to the trio back in the day, including one that featured a letter that included the word 'Please' SIX THOUSAND TIMES.

Really. Not only that, a few clips from back in the day were shown - including the infamous TedWatch HQ, which we're pretty sure we had something similar set up in our room. Ted was serious business, folks. SERIOUS BUSINESS.


It should come as no surprise that the reaction online was extremely positive. Would it be so crazy to have them back on as co-hosts for Ray? If Conan can have Andy Richter and David Letterman had Paul Shaffer, surely Ray could have Zig & Zag?






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