Ever since Scrubs ended, Zach Braff has been spending the majority of his time behind the camera as a writer and director, occasionally starring in his own projects like the much lauded Garden State as well as Wish I Was Here.

Now Braff will return to his TV roots for a new single-camera comedy that will see him reunite with Scrubs co-executive producer Matt Tarses. At the moment it's just been commissioned for a pilot by ABC, but there were many US networks competing for the show, according to Deadline.

The comedy will be based around the Start Up podcast by Alex Blumberg, and will follow the story of family man (Braff) who decides to leave a good job to pursue his dream of starting up a business. The working title for the show at the moment is Start Up but that is likely to change as it's the same name as another US drama series.

Braff will be one of the executive producers and will also direct the pilot.

Looking forward to hearing more about this one!