Oh boy. 2019's finale is fast approaching, yet it's so damn far away. That's also how we feel about the ending of 'Game of Thrones' - do we really want it all to end?

Well, according to Brienne of Tarth's Gwendoline Christie, when 'Game of Thrones' does end, we're going to need some professional help.

Speaking on the red carpet for her upcoming movie 'Welcome to Marwen,' Gwendoline was asked to give any minute detail that she could about the upcoming finale season. She then dropped the bomb, "You’re going to need therapy."

The reporter asked, "So someone dies?" (no, duh!), to which Gwendoline said "I think just the show ending is going to send all of the world into professional help… I think it’s going to make me incredibly emotional. We’re all emotional about the fact that this is the end, and this is the end of something incredibly significant for all of us, and it’s been a truly incredible thing to be a part of."

So there we have it folks, another cast member who doesn't give an ounce of detail away.

In other 'GOT' news, while the core 'Game of Thrones' is set to finish up on our screens at some point in May of next year, the franchise is set to continue long afterwards.

While we very patiently (read: not very patiently at all) wait for George RR Martin to finish writing his book series 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' which 'GOT' is based on, he's also busy at work on another upcoming TV project.

Martin is expected to be Executive Producing the new prequel series 'The Long Night'. The series has cast Naomi Watts and 'Poldark' actor Josh Whitehouse as the leads in the series, which won't feature Targarayens, or naturally, any dragons.

To tide us over until then, 'Game of Thrones' season eight will arrive next April.

Via Entertainment Weekly.