We had just got used to the fact that X Factor was now back on our screens, yep it's the same old, same old, but at least we have Cheryl there now to hold our hand through it. This year though, not content with taking up a Saturday and a Sunday evening with the show, they are also going to air on a Friday night too. A bloody Friday night. Too far X Factor, too far.

We did enjoy the relationship we had initially with The X Factor, remember those early days when all we could do is talk about it and ran home to make sure we didn't miss a minute of it? The honeymoon period. Then things settled down a bit, and while we always liked the show, we no longer felt the need to tell everybody we know what we thought about it, we just sort of co-existed along together - The X Factor was happy, we were happy.

Then one day, it started to get really needy. It wanted us to meet all its different friends, people we would never normally have liked. Girls called Tulisa, and older men that were still in boybands... shit got weird.

And now, just when we thought we had reached a good steady point in our relationship, and things had started to return to normal, they demand MORE of us. All to compete with this Strictly Come Dancing show, which had never even been an issue before now.

Well X Factor, you've finally pushed us too far, we are DONE.

Wait, it's just for the Boot camp and Judges Houses?


Call me!