Although we all know Dwayne Johnson from the likes of 'Fast and Furious', WWE, his early life was just as colourful as his roles.

The new series, 'Young Rock', covers Johnson's early years, from his time in school, having a moustache at 15, as well as being the son of a professional wrestler and all that ups and downs that come with that.

Late last night, Johnson debuted the very first trailer for the new show on Instagram, writing in the caption, "I really wish my dad was around to see this one. Maaaaan he would've been proud."

Each episode jumps from a different time period in Johnson's life, going from the ages of 10, 15 to 20 - although looking at 15 and 20, there appears to be very little difference between them.

The new series begins airing in the US on February 16th, with an air date set for Irish television hopefully being announced in the near future. If there's no mention made of his bean-bag / poloneck / chain combination outfit, then this show has no purpose whatsoever.


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