The second season of 'The Young Offenders' will arrive on screens next month, per PJ Gallagher.

The actor and radio host, who plays the school principal Barry Walsh, confirmed that the show is due to return for its second season in November. "I'm not sure of the day exactly," said Gallagher. "I think we find out on Halloween, so it's a big day for Brexit and 'The Young Offenders'. Season 2 starts in November, we know that much."

The first season of 'The Young Offenders' aired on RTE2 and BBC Three in February of 2018, receiving critical praise for its sharp use of humour, as well as its performances by Alex Murphy and Chris Walley.

The Christmas special saw none other than Robert Sheehan appear as himself in the series, and the likelihood is that the second season will run into another Christmas special as well, given the show's start date.

Expect a full announcement from RTÉ in the coming days, in any case.