Revolving doors are all the rage in Walford this days, what with all the current EastEnders cast members leaving to make way for the return of quite a few familiar faces.

First there was Barbara Windsor, then there was Michael French's return as David Wicks, Natalie Cassidy's Sonia will be back in the new year and now they've just announced the return of yet ANOTHER familiar face.

Spoiler Alert: If you don't want to know who's coming back just yet we'd suggest you look away now.

Drumroll please...


It's only Stacey Slater/Branning. Yup, that's right, Lacey Turner, quite possibly one of the show's most celebrated stars, is coming back to Albert Square next year.

Now, we all know Stacey left in a bit of a hurry three years ago after being falsely accused of stabbing Janine Butcher so we can't help but wonder if her return will be closely linked to Charlie Brooks' character's departure?

Show bosses are keeping tight lipped as regards the exact circumstances surrounding her return, but they have promised that it will be rather memorable."I may have left EastEnders over three years ago, but the show has always been in my heart, as has Stacey, and she has never really left my side", Turner, who's just had a full series of war drama Our Girl commissioned, said.

"Stacey is one of EastEnders' best-loved characters, played by one of television's finest actors and I am tremendously excited that Lacey has decided to return home to Walford" EastEnders' executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins added. We're sure you are Dominic, we're sure you are. Heaven knows that sinking ship needs something to pull it back up.

"Stacey's last time on the Square was iconic. But that was just the first act. There is so much more to come for Stacey - and her return will send ripples of drama through the Square."

We're taking bets on her rekindling her flame with Max, running off with Lauren's married fella Jake, enjoying a brief fling with Joey Branning before his departure, or having an affair with Alfie Moon. Sure don't they love to recycle that Kat and Alife thing, eh?

We'll also accept Bradley emerging from a shower ala Bobby Ewing though.