In case you were hoping to wile away the latter part of the winter with the latest season of GOT, it may not happen. Blame Vinyl. The latter is HBO's latest baby that it was just announced last night that it's due date is February. They can't release two big hitters in the same month, can they?! There's even rumours that we'll have to wait until May before season 6 of GOT is released. 

Vanity Fair reports: "Vinyl - the rock ’n’ roll drama from Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter, and Mick Jagger - will premiere with a two-hour episode in HBO’s usual prestige-drama time slot of Sunday at nine P.M., on February 14. HBO confirmed via e-mail that Vinyl will run for 10 weeks through April 17. And then, if, as it usually does, HBO takes a week off to rest between its dramatic seasons, then Game of Thrones may not premiere until May 1. The latest the show has ever premiered is April 17, and that was during its first season."

There is of course potentially another reason as to why there's a rejiggering of the usual schedule; it gives Penguin Random House and George R.R. Martin just a wee bit more time to finish The Winds of Winter, "the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, before Season 6 kicks off. There are actually plenty of clues to indicate that the book could be dropping in early 2016."

As for when HBO are going to release True Blood, True Detective, and Westworld, that's entirely up in the air. We can only hope we won't be watching GOT in July, because that's just WRONG.