When you think of philosophy and the great thinkers, you think of the likes of Aristotle, Kant, Camus and Epicurus and maybe even Karl Marx.

Your mind doesn't go anywhere near The Simpsons, but Glasgow University is hoping to introduce new students to philosophy via a new course at Glasgow University. D'Oh! The Simpsons Introduce Philosophy hopes to bridge the gap between pop culture icons and the great thinkers of philosophy.

As Dr. John Donaldson describes it, "The Simpsons is a very sophisticated work of popular culture, with a broad scope and depth, and is full of philosophical themes...", which makes it perfect as a parallel and reference point for philosophy students. The course will look at different aspects of philosophy and use Simpsons episodes as a reference for them.

We're thinking the GlobeX / Hank Scorpio episode would have to be used for something along the lines of responsibility and superior orders, and there's probably something in there about Homer leading the strike at the power plant, too.


Via GlasgowLive