The three latest celeb contestants for RTÉ's 'Dancing With The Stars' have been announced as Fr. Ray Kelly, boxing champion Michael Carruth, and 'Love Island' star Yewande Biala.

So far, eight contestants have been announced for the show, with three more still to come. Former 'Xposé' host Glenda Gilson was the first to be announced, followed by 'Fair City' actor Ryan Andrews and 2FM's Lottie Ryan shortly thereafter.

Earlier this week saw B*Witched star Sinéad O'Carroll and former Miss Universe Ireland Grainne Gallanagh announced, while last night's 'Late Late Show' saw the next three announced for the show.

Speaking on the Late Late, Olympic gold medallist Carruth said he was "a little bit nervous and anxious about it...", but said he was looking forward to it. Yewande, meanwhile, said she was " super excited, just excited to learn new moves and meet new people," while Fr. Ray Kelly said he was "hoping that it won’t be two left feet all the time and that I’ll be able to get it together."

There's still three more contestants to be announced, with rumours being that Mattress Mick (yes, really) has been approached to take part in this year's run.

As we already know, the contestants will begin their quickstepping and will be safe from elimination for the first two weeks, before the judges begin to whittle them down to the finals.

'Dancing With The Stars' returns on January 5th, 2020.