*Needless to say, spoilers below.*

It seems we can't take anything for certain anymore in the world of Westeros, as yet another previously thought dead character has shown up on the set of Game of Thrones. And no, it's not Jon Snow, although actually he has never been snapped on set in fairness, just around Belfast.

It's actually Sibel Kekilli, who played Tyrion's traitorous lover Shae until she supposedly met her maker at the end of season four when he strangled her and then killed his father on the loo. It was very Game of Thrones-y altogether.

The German actress has shown up on set in the town of Peníscola in Spain, where scenes set in Meereen are filmed. Notably where we last left Tyrion at the end of season five too...

Apparently, she is also staying at the cast's hotel in Spain.

So all evidence seems to be pointing towards her turning up in season six, but seriously, God love Tyrion if she does.