Hey kids! Wanna see how life would survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and how societal roles still exist without the concepts of government and society?

Yes, the Walking Dead theme park ride is a reality and it's... well... it doesn't have Michael Rooker anywhere near so that's something. The ride, which was developed by Sally Corporation, features interactive sets, animatronic zombies and lots of blood. OK, maybe not as much blood as the series, but it'll definitely be more bloodier than, say, Space Mountain or something.

The theme park ride doesn't have a home yet, however it did feature a convention for theme park rides - those are a thing, y'know - and is expected to bought up soon before The Walking Dead eventually finishes up.

Known as a 'dark ride', the Walking Dead Experience will let you navigate your way through the zombie apocalypse, choose your own weapon and probably get sweated on by Andrew Lincoln. Maybe not the last part, but everything else is real.

We're expecting the ride to be a little bit repetitive, more gory than it needs to be and finally come good towards the end, but ultimately overpraised and overhyped.

Just like the show, basically. Here's the Creative Director of Sally International talking about what's in store.


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