If you've been following the Winter Olympics - even Mr. T is watching it - you'll know that the US Curling Team managed to buck the odds and defeat heavy favourites Sweden in the Men's Finals yesterday.

After a tense match, America had its first brush with Curling victory and made for some awful puns in the process. All good, except The Simpsons predicted this seven years ago, even down to the final team.

The twelfth episode of the twenty-first season of The Simpsons, entitled Boy Meets Curl, sees Marge, Homer, Agnes and Seymour Skinner take part in the mixed-doubles at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and saw them take on Sweden, with an eventual victory over the favourites.

To be fair, Sweden are considered one of the top countries in the world at Curling so it's not hard to imagine a US team - even if it does feature Marge, Homer, Agnes and Seymour - going up against them. Not only that, while writing the episode, the writers consulted with the US Curling Association as well as four-time American mixed curling champions Brady and Cristin Clark for information on the sport.

So, yeah, there you have it. We're just a few years away from President Lisa Simpson if this keeps up.


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