While it may be difficult for us to get away from the fact that Pope Francis is in Ireland, Sky News seems a little bit confused on the subject.

A number of tweets showed a screenshot of Sky News' chyron with the words 'POPE IN ENGLAND' followed by a very clear visual of the Pope's plane touching down in Dublin Airport. So, just so you have this right, they've got a chyron - that's the banner that runs under the footage on a news channel - saying 'POPE IN ENGLAND' and they're showing footage of Pope Francis' plane setting down in Ireland.

Do we need to get the map out? Let's get the map.

OK, so here we have a map of Ireland, there's Dublin highlighted, and to the right of the island of Ireland is the United Kingdom, which is made up on England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (currently). As you can see, Dublin - where Sky News says the Pope is - is not in England. It is in Ireland.

Map says it, so there you have it.

Now, let's look at some screenshots from Sky News.

Again, the map is quite clear on this and if there was any confusion on Sky News' part, they could have just checked a map to be sure. It's understandable, what with Ireland and England looking somewhat similar and being spelled somewhat similar. Hell, even the current US President got a bit confused on the topic.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for something non-Pope Francis-related to do this weekend, we've put together a nice little list of things you can do to avoid him.