It had everyone in a tissy, but it only lasted three to five minutes.

No, we're not talking about that, you filth-mongers. The third season of House of Cards was unexpectedly leaked online last night via a technical glitch over on Netflix.

According to reports, the third season suddenly popped up online for a short period of time, before it was quickly taken down by the VOD provider. It's not yet known what the cause is, however some people are reporting that they managed to make it through the entire first episode.

Most viewers reported that they only saw the first three minutes which, if you don't want to know anything about, you'd better look away now.

The opening scene features... this.

Yeah. Exactly.

As for (ahem) illegal downloading sites, it appears that House of Cards has escaped their clutches. As of late last night, the series has not been found on any of the major torrenting sites.

The whole situation, we think, is best summed up by the official House of Cards Twitter account.