Hold on to yizzer caps lads, the Healy-Raes have well and truly arrived. Last night we saw Michael, Jackie, Danny and the gang making their Reality TV debut in a TV3 documentary and now it's been confirmed that they'll be back for a whole series in the not too distant future.

No, you didn't read that wrong: At Home With The Healy-Raes is actually going to happen. Y'see more than half a million people tuned in to watch the political family do their 'thang', so TV3 have copped that they might just be on to a bit of a ratings winner.And sure the lads came across well enough now, didn't they?

"We are absolutely delighted at how well both our home-grown programmes were received by the Irish public, proving what we already knew, that there is an insatiable appetite for entertaining home-produced programming", said TV3's Director of Content Jeff Ford. "We are already in discussions with the Healy Raes about creating a full series. The one programme just wasn’t enough. There is so much more of the Healy Raes to see!" Is there really Jeff? Is there really? *waggles eyebrows*

That said, you can't argue with the pull of Kerry's answer to the First Family. In the words of TV3 reporter Ciara Doherty on Ireland AM yesterday morning, Michael Healy-Rae is a bit of a 'God' in rural Ireland, apparently. so y'know, they may as well milk it for all it's worth, wha?

We personally can't wait to see what the Republic of Telly crowd make of it first...