Well it was good while it lasted.... okay 'good' might be a bit of a stretch but sure you don't know if something works unless you try.

TV3's Xpose went live last September when a brand new set was unveiled along with new presenter Cork man Peter O'Riordan who came from TMZ. The idea was to recreate something akin to that of popular US show E! News, but eh yeah, it didn't quite work out that way.

The concept has been axed now "in order to accommodate the Seven O'Clock show, which is fully live," according to TV3.

No doubt the live element was putting a huge pressure on the team so I'd imagine they'd be happy enough with the news. Fans needn't worry either as the show will still continue on in its original hour long pre-recorded version and sure who knows the difference half the time.

Well the tweets won't be read out anymore but think we can all live without knowing what Mary from Sligo thinks of the latest spring/summer collection, can't we?