We can't for the life of us imagine anyone other than Richard Dean Anderson playing the iconic eighties TV hero MacGyver, but along with a zillion other reboots these days, it's happening, whether we like it or not.

The CBS show is set to be a prequel of sorts in that we will get to see a young MacGyver and learn how he became the nifty agent for the Phoenix Foundation we came to know and love.

So who will be taking on the role? Well according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's 25-year-old Lucas Till, who X-Men fans will know as 'Havok'.

Definite mullet potential with that mop of hair anyways...

The show is only in its pilot phase at the moment but it's thought CBS are planning to put a lot of money behind the project given the recent popularity of reboots.

Hopefully if it does get commissioned they will show us how McGyver learned his tricks of the trade... paper clips and duct tape at the ready.

Although if it's not the same awesome theme tune, then we don't even want to know.