In the '90s, there were two truly groundbreaking animated series that really brought out the darker, adult stories in comics.

One of them was 'Batman' and the other was 'X-Men', both of which grappled with far more serious stories than you'd expect for an animated series. Specifically, 'X-Men' began its series by diving right into the Mutant Registration Act storyline - which carried right through most of the first season.

It was bold stuff, and didn't shrimp n the complexities of it all in order to make it seem more palatable for children. In fact, Bryan Singer's 'X-Men' took more than a few cues from it and throughout the franchise, the animated series was a regular touchstone. Hell, even 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' took huge references from it.

Anyway, the series ended in 1997, but it looks like there could be a new iteration on the horizon. THR reports that the original creative team behind the series are hoping to bring it back with Disney on board, and are looking to keep the original aesthetic as well.

Larry Houston, one of the 'X-Men' artists, told THR that "(the) one thing we'd like to do more than anything else is to continue where we left off." It's hard to know the likelihood of it actually happening, as Marvel / Disney undoubtedly have major plans for 'X-Men', now that they own the rights to the characters.

Previously, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige specifically said that it'd be "at least five years" before anything happens, so maybe bringing back one of the most celebrated adaptations of the characters could be the way to go.

In the meantime, enjoy the e-X-cellent theme song we all know and love. If this doesn't get a run out if the series gets a remake, then it's not even worth talking about.