There isn't a year that goes by that we don't see the X Factor and its various contestants, judges and hosts making headlines, and this year it's no different. That said, Simon Cowell's babygate has upped the ante just a tad, and his old pal Louis Walsh has a bit of news too, apparently.

We'll start with Simon who has been keeping schtum about the babba in Lauren Silverman's tum. His people may be doing their best to 'control' the errr, 'situation', but the so called scandal is now starting to impact upon his beloved X Factor UK shooting schedule, apparently. Sources say Simon was set to invite Gary Barlow, Louis, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne on board his £45 million Slipstream yacht in St Tropez, France, to dish out their categories for the upcoming series, but has since decided to leave the gang on dry land.

"Simon has delayed the original date he was going to set sail on his boat and it is not going to work in his schedule now, so it has been cancelled", they told The Daily Mirror. "His problems and drama off screen are now starting to impact on his TV shows. He even called the UK judges personally to apologise for messing them around."

"Bosses at ITV are furious at the last minute change" the source claimed. "Simon's return was going to be a big coup for them, but now that he's just doing exactly the same as he did last year, it's no big draw for the viewers. It's really disappointing."

Speaking of jumping ship, if TV Times is to be believed, our own Louis is set to bow out at the end of Season 10. "I'm happy this is going to be my last year," Walsh apparently told the TV Times. "I've been judging X Factor for ten years so I've done it all. It was never in my plan to be on TV but Simon Cowell put me there. I'm very grateful to him but I need my life back!"

No offence Louis, but won't believe that one until we see it.