He was a good sport when he lost out to Sharon Osbourne's beloved Sam Bailey on Sunday night's X Factor final but young Nicholas McDonald felt a wee bit let down by our own Louis Walsh over the weekend, or so the tabloids say anyway.

Nicholas and his mammy apparently told The Daily Mail that they were none too impressed with the judges' carry on during the live shows at London's Wembley Arena. "I was disappointed with Louis saying, 'Vote for Sam and her single everyone'. It felt like Sam was getting all the love" the young lad told the newspaper, before going on to give out about Take That's Gary Barlow.

"Gary had a problem with me throughout the whole show. He never seemed to like me and whenever I gave a good performance he would pick up on the smallest things in the world", the teenager said. And of course, it was rather clear he felt that way about Gary anyway - did you see the face on him when Mr Barlow said he shouldn't have been singing Robbie Williams' Candy?

It seems as though mammy McDonald wasn't best pleased either. "It was completely unprofessional, Gary refusing to stand after Nicholas's song," she said. "As for Louis, I don't know what that was about and it was rude of him. He should have been backing his own act and not encouraging the public to vote for their opponent. I think Louis just speaks without thinking sometimes."

Oooh er. We doubt Mr Walsh will take any notice in fairness.