X-Factor returned to our screens last night and it's already clear from the get-go who's going to be in the finals. Has it become that predictable already?

As well as Mel B appearing as a judge on the show for the first time, we were also introduced to potential finalists in the form of Blonde Electric, Jay James and Charlie Jones.

Early predictions? You'll be seeing Blonde Electric playing at your local Tesco, with Jedward cropping up to do a collab at one of their finals.

Jay James and Charlie Jones look interchangeable - whoever messes up first gets canned, the other will get a few tattoos and replace James Arthur in the hearts and minds of the people.

Amy Connelly has a button inside her jacket that she pushes to make Cheryl cry. Eventually, this will be found by security and taken from her.

Meanwhile, someone needs to sort out Simon Cowell's shirt and, y'know, cover him up because the 1970's called and they want their chest hair back.

Mel B, on the other hand, has styled herself as the Shade Queen, but not before having a little cry at one of the contestants. Aw.

Ratings wise, the show had its highest opening since 2011, reaching 9.5 million viewers.

Overall, we're getting the sense that X-Factor has become - dare we say it - kinda boring. The acts so far don't leave a lot to be desired and despite Mel B's appearance, it looks very by-the-numbers.

Next week will tell all, we think.