They were never going to last. Even the 'topless' photo of Charlie during the week didn't motivate viewers to vote for them.

One person who must have been pleased by their departure was Gary Barlow - which is fair enough given they were in the sing off with yet another one of his acts, Kye Chim Chim Cheree Sones.

And who would begrudge Gary a bit of joy; he had to take it in whatever form he could given the meedja are trying to start a the whole Gary V's Robbie snoreathon again - by way of promoting the X Factor, of course (which means Gary probably gave said snoreathon the go ahead).

For the purposes of this story, Gary is miffed by Robbie's endorsement of Rylan Clark on Twitter during Saturday's show: "TEAM RYLAN ALL THE WAY VOTE RYLAN" Robbie's backing @rylanclark on @TheXFactor... who's got your vote?" Well, Rylan was sporting a very fetching ensemble (including those what trousers we've feared him wearing since last week's crotchtacular performance), and the smallest jacket ever to grace a wardrobe department… No wonder Robbie was smitten.

The Daily Mail reports: "Gary admitted his annoyance over Robbie's admission on Sunday night's results show, after host Dermot O'Leary brought it up. "20 years of knowing each other and it's all over in five letters" said Gary.

Then he went on say what everyone else is thinking, making him this year's 'Voice of Reason' judge: "I'll tell you my problem with this. We have 10 very talented contestants left (debatable) and for every week that you're here, one of them is going to be going home. You should have been the best performer tonight but you were the worst."