Last week it was Louis Walsh licking his wounds after losing two of his four acts, but last night it was Cheryl's turn to watch half her acts go home as both Stephanie Nala and Chloe Jasmine bid fairwell to The X Factor.

Poor Stephanie never seemed to stand a chance from the moment she put her feet (bare at times) on The X Factor stage, receiving pretty awful comments from the judges and ending up in the bottom two last week as well. I mean, she wasn't that bad in fairness. They do all know Steve Ritchie is still in the competition, don't they? Although it is difficult not to like him. Stephanie didn't get to even perform in the sing-off either as she received the least votes and had to just head on her merry little way, leaving Chloe to battle it out with probably the biggest boyband in the world, Stereo Kicks. Seriously, way too many of those dudes.

Chloe emerged unsuccessful from this encounter with all of the judges voting her out, except of course, her mentor Cheryl. It was actually a pity to see her go, there was no way she would have lasted until the final, but as Cheryl said, she was a character. Her posh accent and eccentric ways just weren't meant for this The X Factor world.

Now 12 acts remain in the competition, and the real talents of it all are slowly starting to emerge. We would put good money on a Andrea/Lauren final, while Jack will be in final five we reckon, as will Fleur.

Boom. We've guessed it, haven't we?