Another Sunday morning, another day spent trying to figure out what's going through Simon Cowell's mind when it comes to 'The X Factor: Celebrity' and the voting decisions.

Last night saw Cowell save 'Love Island' quartet No Love Lost - made up of Wes Nelson, Samira Mighty, Eyal Booker and Zara McDermott - with his vote, while Nicole Scherzinger broke with reality and saved one of Cowell's act, Try Star.

Each judge is given a Safe Seat button that they're allowed to use once during the night, and often is used to save one of their own acts. Scherzinger's thinking? England lost the World Cup, and Try Star was made up of ex-rugby players Thom Evans, Ben Foden and Levi Davis.


It gets so much worse, though. Martin Bashir was then put through a public vote, and managed to survive, even though he somehow ended up forgetting his lyrics in the middle of his performance.

Again, really.

To cap it all off, people on Twitter are convinced Cowell knew Bashir was going to be safe in a public vote, and that it was fixed for him to stay on. Even Bashir himself seemed perplexed by being saved by the public vote, though odds are the public might have taken pity on him for forgetting the lyrics to the song.

Either way, 'The X Factor: Celebrity' continues to lurch from one car crash to the next. This week, two soap actors - 'Corrie' alum Victoria Ekanoye and former Eastender Jonny Labey both got the bullet in what is truly turning into a weekly mess of a show.

The horrors continues next week.