We'd call it news, but sure didn't we already know that Sharon Osbourne was returning to The X Factor panel to replace Tulisa 'Urban Roots' Contostavlos? ITV officially confirmed the news this morning.

Sharon will join Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger on the panel of a 'new look' X Factor (now where have we heard that before?), which will put hopefuls through not one but two on-camera auditions before Boot Camp. After they've gone through a series of auditions with producers which, funnily enough, are never mentioned on the show, they'll have to sing for the judges in an audition room. If they get a yes there it's on to an arena, where they'll have to impress the audience too if they want to get to the next stage.

Much and all as we're bored of the back and forth, and getting a little tired of the whole format, we're just a tad excited to see Shazza back in her seat. Sure between herself and Nicole Scherzinger we might get a bit of decent banter before 9pm.

And yes, Dermot O'Leary and his dancing feet will be back to host the whole thing.