Writing in The Guardian about Nintendo's new Nintendo Wii U (which does indeed make you think of someone having an accident on someone else), Wossy spittled:

"It's the Wii on steroids - faster processor, better resolution and with delusions of grandeur that has encouraged it to grow a screen on the primary controller that not only serves as a backup, so that you can keep playing if someone else comes in and wants to watch another three days of p*ss-poor jubilee coverage from the BBC on the main screen, but also adds to the gameplay in some rather fun ways."

OK, so it wasn't the harshest thing he could've said. For example he could've pointed out the segment in which Christine Bleakly forced some poor drenched cretin to talk her through an array of salads while the skies unleashed a wave of rain (Christine was being stingy with the brolly), or Tess Daly conversing with the WI about soggy sponges, or any of Jimmy Carr's hosting segments during the Jubilee concert, but he didn't.

Hardly worth a post at all, but we are launching this new section and need content...