The winter season crawled to an end this past week, and apparently that's the last that we'll be seeing all of the islanders together on screen.

ITV have said that the usual reunion episode, which usually comes after the final episode of 'Love Island' airs, has been axed for the winter edition.

Past iterations of the reunion episode have seen plenty of juicy gossip and disagreements being brought to a head. It really is the perfect setting for the islanders to confront each other, and for us at home to enjoy the blowout.

The reason that this year's first winter edition of the reality show won't be returning for a one-off special, is because ITV wish to put the series behind them. During the final couple of weeks of the season, the show's former presenter Caroline Flack took her own life. The news shocked fans of the show, and naturally all of her previous 'Love Island' colleagues. During the final week of the reality show, two video tributes were offered up for the presenter, as well as many of her friends, colleagues, and fans posting their thoughts online.

Instead, producers will be focusing all of their efforts into casting for the regular summer series, which will once again take place in Mojorca this June. Unfortunately for fans, this means winners Paige Turley and Finley Tapp, as well as underdogs Luke T and Siannise, won't be gracing our screens together again.

This isn't the first time that ITV have quietly axed a reunion episode of the show - if you'll remember, last Christmas' reunion special was also dropped.