Although it wasn't exactly warmly received on its release, 'Willow' enjoyed a fate similar to other fantasy classics of the '80s where it became a classic through copious amounts of VHS rentals.

After all, people wouldn't be talking about the likes of 'Labyrinth', 'The Dark Crystal', or Ridley Scott's 'Legend' if it weren't for video rentals in the '90s. Anyway, a sequel for 'Willow' has been mooted for years now, and it now looks as though it's finally happening - albeit as a TV series on Disney+.

Jon Kasdan, who wrote 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' with his father and legendary screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, tweeted this image from his personal Twitter account earlier this week.

If you can't make out that image, it's a children's cap of 'Willow' from the '80s. On top of this, Warwick Davis - who played Willow in the original - also retweeted the image, along with a quote from the movie, which seems to indicate his involvement as well. The only other party who hasn't gotten in on the action is Val Kilmer, who played Madmartigan in the original movie.

Again, it appears to be early days and no official release date has been given by Disney, so expect there to be more casting announcements and news on this in the near future. For now, here's the original and very '80s trailer that debuted back in the day.