It was revealed over the weekend that the star of the US version of Shameless, Emmy Rossum, has entered into a pay dispute with producers of the show. 

The dispute has put a potential eight season of the show in jeopardy as Rossum's character, family matriarch Fiona, is key to the story. 

The main stumbling block in the negotiations seems to be that Rossum is demanding equal pay to her male co-star, William H. Macy. In fact, some sources are claiming that Rossum is now taking the position that she should be paid more than Macy after years of being paid far less than her Emmy nominated co-star. 

If you thought that this stance might cause a little bit of tension behind the scenes between the two actors then think again. Macy is with Rossum on this one.

Macy told TMZ that it's "about f****** time" that Rossum and women everywhere start getting what they're entitled to.

"She works as hard as I do. She deserves everything,"

Macy concluded that the only place that he and Rossum weren't equals was in the looks department. 

"The only thing I've got over Emmy Rossum is I'm better looking."