If you saw the movie based on the 'SNL' character, chances are you know what to expect with 'MacGruber'.

When TV shows are being promoted on other late-night talk shows, we know to expect a clip or maybe somebody from the show will have a little cameo along with the main guest, right? But because we're in a pandemic, and things aren't as they are, you get moments like this.

Namely, Will Forte reading out the script from the long-awaited 'MacGruber' TV series in the middle of 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'. The problem, however, is that the script Forte decided to read out just so happened to be exceptionally expletive-laden, meaning practically all of the scene was bleeped out to meet US TV standards.

What was he saying? Unless you're a lip-reader, we've got no idea. Here's the clip.

One bit of information that did make it through, however, was that the series is set to begin filming in the next few months, which means it'd be reasonable to expect the series some time before the end of the year?

Either way, it's good to know 'MacGruber' is back on the job.