Alongside Chris Kattan as his trusty sidekick, the 'Elf' star managed to scare away the star and his two young children.

To all of the mall Santas out there - did you know you could become the next Will Ferrell? The Hollywood star joined Jimmy Kimmel's 'Live' show this week, and discussed one of his most memorable Christmas moments before he hit the big time.

Before he managed to become a household name from his time on 'Saturday Night Live' and in the years since then, Will Ferrell was a mall Santa. But he wasn't just a run-of-the-mill mall Santa who sat and waited for children on a throne, oh no, he travelled. And he wasn't alone in his plight, as another former 'SNL' star, Chris Kattan, teamed up with him to be Santa's trusty elf.

According to Ferrell, he and Kattan would walk around an open-air mall in Pasadena, California dressed as the duo and would stop and greet shoppers and generally spread around the holiday cheer while on foot. One time, however, they recognised it was 'Field of Dreams' and 'The Bodyguard' star Kevin Costner attempting to keep a low profile - and the boys managed to make it awkward as hell.

Here's the moment Ferrell and Kattan gave away that they knew it was Kevin Costner trying to keep a low profile.

Far from his stint as a mall Santa, Will Ferrell teams up with Ryan Reynolds in the big Christmas release of the year, 'Spirited', which is both in select cinemas and available to watch with an Apple TV+ subscription. The musical is a different take on the Charles Dickens classic 'A Christmas Carol' and sees Ferrell play the role of Christmas Present. It's been receiving generally positive reviews, with its ability to breathe some new life into an adaptation that's been done countless times.