After Neil Jordan publicly disowned Riviera and the lacklustre reviews for it seemed to confirm why he did so, pretty much everyone expected the glitzy drama to be cancelled and that be the end of it.

Not so, it would seem, as there is now a second season on the way - but Will Arnett of all people is involved. The Arrested Development alum will play Julia Stiles' very mysterious uncle who "sees through her armour". On top of this, a family of English aristocrats have been introduced, led by Juliet Stevenson - best known for her roles in Truly, Madly, Deeply and more recently Netflix's Retribution - and Poppy Delevigne, sister of Cara.

Speaking on the announcement, Stiles said: "It’s thrilling to return to the Riviera and to welcome such incredible new talent to the show. Georgina’s past catches up to her in season two and the drama only intensifies. She is reunited with her mysterious yet charming uncle, someone who sees through her armor. Will is perfectly cast in that role and I am excited to explore how far Georgina will go to protect her new life."

If there are no Arrested Development references in here, or if he doesn't arrive on a segway in every scene, then what even is the point of having Will Arnett in your TV show.