Did anyone see Graham Norton last night? It may have been the most hilarious yet, not even drunk Mark Wahlberg could top this - although, it did have a very merry Matt Damon who joked about constantly getting mixed up with Wahlberg. Graham politely informed him though that he wouldn't mix them up 'unless you sit on my lap and play with my nipples'. 

Joining Matt was Bill Murray, and Downton's Hugh Bonneville, all stars of the new George Clooney movie 'The Monuments Men', so all pretty much mates already -  and you could tell. The fellas started as they meant to go on, and weren't even two minutes on the couch before they were necking the champagne.

What followed was like watching one of the best parties you've ever been at - and even though you weren't there, you felt like you were. It was that kind of hyper giddiness, where EVERYTHING was hilarious, and every opportunity was taken to pull the absolute piss. It was like having your mates over for just a few civil drinks, and it turning into some unexpected epic session that you still reference for years to come. Am I overselling it? Not even close. Oh, and how could we forget when Bill Murray HUGGED Graham Norton when he realised he was Irish! You can see that magical moment around the nine minute mark below;

Hugh was like the class clown of the whole affair - at one point leaving the set as he 'had to use the toilet' instructing Graham to 'just do close-ups on them'. They then all had a good laugh at Hugh for his recent stint on Top Gear, where he wore his wooly jumper and it looked like he was wearing 'lippy'.

And just when we thought things couldn't get any better, Paloma Faith rocks up...

We then had the famous red chair segment at the end of the show, which Matt Damon decided he wanted to take control of, while Hugh Bonneville ran out to have a go at telling his story. At which point Matt Damon declared; "By the way, this is the best time I've ever had on a talk show", with Bill Murray wholeheartedly nodding in agreement. I'd say you had to have been there, but you can watch if for yourselves!

Even after the credits had rolled, it went back to the lads, who at this point were drinking champagne out of Paloma Faith's SHOE. It just... couldn't have got any better.

Too many lols, even Graham himself agreed!