In what has been a week of tough watching, Davide, our Italian Stallion and Ekin-Su, our Turkish delight are our ray of hope on 'Love Island'. A consensus has been reached: these two need their own show.

In this new beach hut challenge clip, Davide pronouncing makeup brands like "Hue-da bewtee" has changed our lives for the better. He bounces off Ekin-Su who is conveniently making comments like "blow" in reference to a brush, while Davide chooses colours from the palette like "kinky".

As he strokes bold dashs of shimmery magenta across Ekin-Su's eyelids, she asks him "do I look pretty?" which at this point is a rhetorical question. She's stunning. But does her makeup look good? Hmm.

Next, Davide moves on to the winged eyeliner. As he literally flicks his wrist to create that signature winged liner flick, he earnestly tries to tell Ekin-Su that "you moved". A preemptive approach to what will undoubtedly be a surprised reaction to the feathery lines that spray from the corner of her eye.

Before she even sees his masterpiece, Ekin-Su tells him "with the winged eyeliner, you have to be verysflow", she continues to tell him he needs to "focus", as he makes a move towards the other eye.

The pair are just a gas combination of clueless (Davide) and coach (Ekin-Su) and that dynamic is epitomised when Ekin-Su shares that she's the quickest in the changing room, asking Davide does he know why that is.

Innocently, Davide says "Well, because you know how to do" to which Ekin-Su is quick to say no and fish for that compliment it seems she's worked so hard to set up. Finally, we get there and Davide says "because you don't need a lot".

The couple are so lovely to watch together, encouraging each other in their own wonderfully weird way. Plus they just have fun. What does Ekin-Su say about the results? Not that bad.

Watch the video on Youtube to make your own assessment.