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After 12 seasons of the beloved show, 'Bob's Burgers' is now getting its very own movie this month. We're taking a forensic look at why the show works so well.

In the burg-inning

If you scour the last few decades, you will quickly see that animated comedies seem to attract a long shelf life. The obvious example here is 'The Simpsons'. What that show did so well is how it re-defined the family dynamic. Everyone could relate to at least one of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and even sometimes Maggie. 'The Simpsons' managed to create nuance on the modern televised American family, where no other shows really could before.

However, all good things must come to an end. 'The Simpsons' has sharply declined in quality and relevancy and over the last decade an opportunity arose for its successor.

Enter 'Bob's Burgers'. Created by Loren Bouchard, the show first aired in 2011 and hasn't looked back since. It follows the titular Bob Belcher, owner of Bob's Burgers diner, his wife Linda and their three children - Tina, Gene and Louise as they navigate adventures together as a family.

Each episode features excellent "burger of the day" puns

The key ingredients

Indirectly taking influence from 'The Simpsons', what 'Bob's Burgers' did immediately well is create a broad spectrum of relatable family members. Bob, the patriarch, is always reaching for his lofty goals but never quite fulfilling his expectations of himself. His wife Linda is a creative, hilarious character who is endlessly supportive of her children's wacky endeavours.

Tina, probably the internet's most relatable character, is confidently weird. She takes pride in the fact she's different and has become an icon of nerds over her time on screen. Gene is the performer of the family, always wanting to be the centre of attention, while Louise is the irreverent, manic comedian who always adds an extra dimension to an episode.

Topping it all off

The Belchers are a creative family, always coming up with zany ideas and finding themselves in the strangest scenarios. But, the show isn't afraid to wear its eccentricity on its sleeve and it's all the more endearing for it. In fact, despite the family's strange behaviours, they're always supporting each other, making for some genuinely wholesome moments.

But what is 'Bob's Burgers' secret recipe? The one thing that makes it so enduring as a show and capable of a cinematic feature? Simply the fact that it's therapeutic television. It's a show to watch when you need a bit of a pick-me-up. It's never too heavy but it always has a massive amount of heart. Whether the family are getting kidnapped by a cruise ship captain, getting stuck in a crawl space or signing up for a turkey run it never fails to give you that warm feeling inside. It's really no surprise the show has accumulated such a cult following over the years.

Most of all, 'Bob's Burgers' is a unique, grounded show that constantly reassures us that it's OK to just be yourself.

'The Bob's Burgers Movie' opens exclusively in cinemas on Friday, May 27th . See where it's showing here.

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