If there's anything we've learned from 'Love Island', it's not to rely on its contestants for geography.

The Love Islanders are notorious when it comes to world knowledge.

One wonders if being isolated on an island and all that time under the sun has done something to their brains.

Their complete naivety about the UK - which is where they're from - is especially embarrassing.

Last year's contestant Hayley earned quite a rep for her lack of knowledge on geography and other topics.

Fair enough that she didn't comprehend Brexit, I mean it is a complicated issue. But her inability to distinguish counties, countries and continents was baffling.


This season, Tommy proved himself one of the dimmer Islanders. Here's how he responded when asked (*sigh*) what the capital of France is.


Still this unseen bit from the series really takes the biscuit. In it, Belle, Jordanne and Joanna realise that Edinburgh is in Scotland and Dublin is in Ireland. They also debate where Barcelona is, ultimately settling that Barcelona is in Rome.


Behold our generation.