It's time to embark on a trip back to City Hall in Pawnee, Indiana for a catch up with some old friends.

Now that one of our favourite sitcoms is on both Amazon Prime AND Netflix (it was just added to the latter this month), it's time to take on our 'Parks and Recreation' quiz to test your knowledge.

The series, co-created by 'The US Office' team of Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, managed to bring us seven seasons of pure unadulterated mockumentary comedy.

Although the cast reunited (virtually) for an episode last year, rumblings of a revival have always been suggested by the cast. But we reckon the series should be left well alone (particularly since season even was a bit of a disappointment).

And so, let's turn our attention to the main event. Below is our 'Parks and Recreation' quiz which features quotes from each of the characters - all you have to do is guess who said what. Simple.

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