There have been a lot of great TV shows over the years that have been destroyed by their final episode.

We all have at least one favourite series that we can't forgive for ruining it all with a terrible conclusion.

For most, 'Game of Thrones' was the most recent offender for a rubbish finale. But there were plenty of shows before it which did likewise, if not worse.

Now Twitter is having it out about which show had the worst ending.

It all began with The Ringer tweeting:

"On this day 13 years ago, ‘Dexter’ premiered on TV. After early seasons received massive acclaim, its series finale was universally panned, receiving an F grade by the AV Club.

"So… what TV show beats ‘Dexter’ for the worst ending ever?"

Many agreed about Dexter.

But several Tweeters had their own ideas too.


So which do you think was the worst?