When it comes to Breaking Bad quotes we could go on for hours and so could fans of the show, it seems. Across the pond in the US of A they've been voting for their favourite of Walt, Jesse and co's one liners, and the results are certainly taking us on a trip down Heisenberg memory lane.

Walter White's "I am the one who knocks" was the number 1 pick in The Hollywood Reporter's poll, nabbing 32 per cent of the votes. You could say that's rather unsurprising given the popularity of that marvellous monologue. Sure why don't you check it out again here:

The iconic tirade was followed by the rather popular Season 5 humdinger "tread lightly" at 15 per cent, while "say my name" landed at number 3. "Just because you shot Jesse James, don't make you Jesse James," came fourth with 5 per cent of votes, and Walt's "I'm in the empire business" rounded out the top 5.

Now tell us, which of your favourite iconic lines have they left out? Because we can think of one or two they might well be missing...