The eighties and nineties are enjoying their fair bit of nostalgia these days, so much so that it seems every show we knew and loved from back then is getting a spin-off, re-made or just coming back for a brand new series.

However, there's still many that have remained relatively untouched, and while sometimes we can't help feel these shows were best left in the decade they were born in, it would be hard not to get excited if one of the below shows were coming back to our TV screens once more.

We asked you to pick the show you would most like to see remade, which we thought would be a close call, but the results are in and the overwhelming favourite to come back is..... Crystal Maze!

The popular game show secured 26% of your vote, but was closely followed by our favourite time-travelling show Quantum Leap at 23%.

In third place, and with only 8%, is Married with Children, while Glenroe is in at 4th with just 6%.

Have to say, we would love to see all of those shows make a comeback, but in honour of our winner.... "Start the fans pleeeeassse".

Take a look at the results below...

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