If you were keeping up with the news last week you'll know that Michael Le Vell, aka Kevin Webster off Coronation Street, was cleared of a number of child sex abuse charges at Manchester Crown Court.

The result, which the actor described as "a weight off his shoulders", should technically clear the way for him to return to the popular soap, but it looks as though he won't be back on the Street for quite a while.

The Mirror had been reporting that he could return as part of a major Christmas storyline, but RadioTimes.com says Le Vell will not be able to return until some time in 2014. Y'see, the writers (who haven't exactly had an easy time of it of late what with Chris Fountain being sacked and all that) have already got storylines planned out through to early 2014, and there's just no way to work Kevin back in at the moment.

You might remember that he bowed out suddenly in February 2013, leaving on-screen ex-wife Sally to explain that he'd gone to Germany in order to take care of his dad, Bill, who'd just had a massive heart attack.

Claims that the actor was in talks with the producers about his return have yet to be verified, but it has been suggested that Kevin will be eased back into the show gradually: Rather than returning with a bang, it's alleged that characters will begin to talk about him before he quietly reappears on screen.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.